Friday, November 7, 2014

Yep...I chose 2 winners, not just one!!

Here is the Pacific NW Messenger Bag that I designed!
And if you left a comment on this here blog
you had a chance to win one of my Paradiso Pleather Kits
one of my Paradiso Hardware Kits!
So the winner is.........

I had such a wonderful response that I decided to have 2 winners!
Lainie from Mishmashmaggie
Melinda Meeham.
Please email me at paradisodesigns at gmail dot com,
so I can get these PNW Messenger Bag pleather & hardware to you!
Thanks to all that participated....
your comments mean the world to me!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wanna win Paradiso Pleather & Hardware Kits to go with that Pacific NW Messenger Bag you are going to make......

This day has come!!
The secret is out!
Introducing the Pacific NW Messenger Bag!
If you want to see the complete instructions to make this bag over at
Sew Mama here
And hopefully you are here to have a chance to win a Paradiso Pleather & Hardware Kit that is used to construct this bag. 
Details are below.
FYI....the materials used to make this bag are from Fabric can get it at Target...yep Target has fabric.
And I loved sewing on it too!
I would compare it to the designer home dec fabric from Alexander Henry. is really nice.
Here is the front view!
This is the back view!

This is how it will look on you!

This is the Paradiso Pleather Kit #2 that you need & it comes in NINE colors........

This is the Paradiso Hardware that you need & it comes in gold or silver....

This is what you can make with Paradiso Pleather & Hardware Kits....

To enter to win a Paradiso Pleather Kit #2 & Hardware Triggerhook/Ring set....a comment saying what you LOVE about the Pacific NW Messenger Bag.  Then I need to know what color of pleather you would like and what color of hardware.  Look at the Paradiso Pleather Collection here.
This contest runs through October 29th.
Please leave an email so that I can contact the winner.
I will announce the winner in one week on October 30th.  Thanks for coming to hang out here at on the lookout for 2 more new projects coming up.....they involve free motion stitching and more pleather fun!
Thanks to Kristin & Beth over at Sew Mama has been a pleasure!!
Thank-you Fabric Loft for the fabulous fabric to design this cool bag.

If you would like to see what else I am going to create to inspire you to sew...please like Paradiso Designs on Facebook,
what my adventures on Instagram @cherylofparadiso,
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in Room 352B at 3.10 pm, and hear me talk about what stabilizers do a hand bag body good!!
I will be in Booth 860 with my Interfacing Sponsor Bosal!
Come say Hi!!
Thanks to all,

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Alotta going on @ Paradiso!

It is officially Fall....which means that The International Quilt Market is just around the corner.....which means new patterns....& a bunch of other thanks for your patience...........but details are on the way!!
Here is a little of what is coming up!
I am finding that I am a lazy sewer.....I did not want to go hunt around for the zipper foot, so I just put it in with a regular sewing foot.
And you know...this works even better!!
So be on the look out to learn how to insert a zipper with a regular foot & score a cool, new Messenger Bag Pattern.  Details are coming soon!! will love the fabric I got to work with on this project!!
Love from Seattle,

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer.........

The Dog Days of Summer.....

Oh my this summer has been wonderful for the weather.......last summer was great, but I loved the heat of this summer.  The door to my studio was open until 11pm at night, it was so warm.
And I loved it!!
This is Jackx playing with some new friends at Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach yesterday.
Tomorrow we are going to Manzanita...cannot wait.
Wonderful way to spend the Labor Day weekend with my buddy Kim in Oregon!!
But am laying the plans for Fall.....schedules soon to come!!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
smiling in Lake Oswego.....
Cheryl and Jackx!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Gospel of Pleather, Day Four.......Dress up any Magnetic Clasp with Pleather!

This is what it looks on to see how to do it!!

One of the most important facts to remember when creating anything is to think about how it will be used, so that it can be created to last.....
My thoughts about the weight of a metal magnetic clasp was the place that I started at when I developed this technique!  The pleather detail is perfect, but it will also hold the weight of the clasp....but in addition to this, I like to layer another piece of pleather behind the lining that extends up to and is sewn into the top of the bag.  The beauty here is that the clasp is extremely well supported, and should never tear out, even with all the abuse they normally get being latched and unlatched resulting in a lot of tugging on the lining itself.  Hint.....I line my handbag linings with a layer of muslin, making the lining have a richer feeling

So lets get on with it.....

Cut a pleather square at 2" x 2"......and while you are at it cut another pleather square at about 4" x 4".

You get the idea........

Then cut off the slightest amount with a pinking shears on all four sides.  I think the pinking gives the pleather a finished look.

Next, I generally place the pleather square down 3 " so that it clears however the top of the bag is finished.  Because the clasp will be covering up the middle of the 2" x 2" pleather square, it is okay to pin in the middle of the pleather to hold it in place.  Then see the scrap of pleather.....that is the 4" x 4" piece that is slipped behind the lining.  The point is to to sew the pleather square onto the lining while also sewing through that scrap pleather on the back at the same time.....which makes a more stable environment for the clasp to be inserted into!

So here is where the pleather is pinned....scrap pleather in back....

And sew the pleather square on with 1/8" topstitch seam allowance....with only one pin the square can still shift a bit...make sure that it is straight when sewing the first 2 sides.
You can see the scrap pleather on the right side of the picture....

This is what it will look like after the square is stitched down....

And this is what it will look like on the back as the scrap pleather is sewn through too!!

Make sure that the scrap pleather is now trimmed flush with the top of the bag, and how ever the bag is finished, the scrap pleather should be "caught" in the top seam.

This is the catch for the clasp, that actually goes on the back side...but first we will use it to draw cut shown below. 

Use an ink pen to draw the lines on either side of the center hole.....

Do not cut the lines with a is difficult to cut pleather with scissors, but easy to make the cut with a seam ripper.  Be careful so the cuts are not bigger then the line.  Hint:  Cut through all layers and this will keep the seam ripper from cutting too much.

On the right side slip the class through the cuts to the back, and then put the metal disk to fit over the clasp metal tips...... 

And then carefully bend the metal tips of the clasp out and away from the center.....taking care to pull out as much of the metal tip as possible.  If the clasp is at all loose, then the full length of the metal tip was not pulled through the back.  With a loose clasp bend the tips back up, then rebend outward, so that the clasp is secure and not moving at all.
This is what the back should look like when finished....

And of course this is what the front will look like!!

Thanks for reading The Gospel of Pleather.
If you have reached this far....thank-you for reading this series to the end.  If you care to leave a comment, I will be doing a drawing for a Paradiso Handbag Kit from all comments on this post. Deadline for drawing entry will end Monday August 15th at 12.01am.   In your comment please tell me what you liked in this series.....and your favorite Paradiso Handbag pattern, what color of pleather you love....and if you need or silver please?
Thanks for it chatting soon!!
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